So The Story Goes Photography: Blog en-us (C) So The Story Goes Photography (So The Story Goes Photography) Tue, 15 Jun 2021 00:05:00 GMT Tue, 15 Jun 2021 00:05:00 GMT So The Story Goes Photography: Blog 120 80 PSD Stars By Erin 2021 After a year of social distancing and cancelled events, it was wonderful to get to watch these young ladies dance their hearts out. It had been a few years since I had been able to attend a PSD Stars By Erin dance recital so I was very excited to attend. And I was not disappointed. There were several young ladies I remembered from years past. But also many new faces too. 

DSC00214DSC00214 I decided years ago, my favorite kind of dance is ballet. I love watching the flowing dresses while the dancers gracefully swirl on their toes. And this year ballet dancers didn't disappoint. My second favorite is tap. I remember as a little girl getting shiny white or black shoes that would click clack when I walked and I would pretend I knew how to tap. But truthfully, I never took a single dance class. Oh how I wish I had.

DSC00008DSC00008 There are always a few young ladies I look out for because either I know their moms and dads or I have been drawn to the way they perform in years past. And while a few of them have graduated or no longer dance, finding a familiar face out their twirling, always brings a smile to my face.  I'm impressed to see how much they have improved as dancers from years prior. 

DSC00057DSC00057 DSC00256DSC00256 DSC00384DSC00384 DSC07236DSC07236 DSC08112DSC08112

Finally, I have been wanting to do a special project with my daughter Jen if she is feeling strong enough. I am wanting to photograph some of the girls doing their routine but outdoors on a country road as the sun is setting. If your daughter and her friends are interested in doing something like this, please let me know.


Good job ladies!  And thank you Erin for all the hard work you put into these talented dancers. To purchase photos ($2 per digital download - helps pay for host site), click here.

More photos coming soon.



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GRANDMA HAS THE BEST TOYS | SO THE STORY GOES PHOTOGRAPHY | OH LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER My grandson has become pretty mobile, and that means, he needs a place to crawl and play where the dogs won't interfere. So, for the day, I converted my lifestyle living room studio space into a playroom. 


I laid down the big rubber mats, and gathered up a bunch toys and we played for hours (well for a long time). Andrew gets most excited when he does something for a first time. For example, when you put him on the lion trike and let him pretend he is driving it around, he smiles from ear to ear. But he is also happy just giving the lion kisses. 


Sometimes however, he just enjoys playing with his socks. You can spend a million dollars on the very best, but sometimes children just want something simple. Lately, it has been a blue wash rag that he sits and plays with for long periods of time.


DSC_7717DSC_7717 DSC_7703DSC_7703

Andrew spends 3-5 days a week with me while his mommy and daddy are at work. As he gets older and the weather cold, I sometimes need to get creative in how we entertain ourselves. Especially towards the end of the day, when he is ready for his mommy to come home. In the last couple weeks, he giggles as his mommy carries him to the car. I think, he is excited to go home where he can get a break from all the kisses I give him.


I come to realize, I am not able to keep up at the pace I did when  my children were young. Yesterday, in attempt to make dinner for five (all three kids and Randy was here) and feed Andrew....I suddenly felt like I was drowning in work. And I had to wonder if it was my age showing or if I always had problems keeping up at times and just have forgotten to roll with it. Andrew for sure is keeping me on my toes. Hopefully I can keep up as he learns to move about.


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RANDA'S PLACE COLLABORATION | OHIO LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER Miranda, the owner of Randa's Place, sent me this beautiful onesie (in exchange for photos of the outfit) for my grandson Andrew to wear for Valentine's Day. And since Andrew is such a lovable guy, it suited him well.

DSC_6797 (2)DSC_6797 (2)

Miranda started knitting in 2016, and found her love for crafting. And from there, she has found a great deal of success in her online Etsy business. From Embrodery to Vinyl, Miranda creates beautiful shirts for all sizes.




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WHY YOU NEED A PERSONAL BRAND | OHIO LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER Your personal brand is how you promote yourself. It is the telling of your story to potential clients, employers, and communities. But why do you need a personal brand? 

To start the economy changing. 
More and more want the flexibility of running their own business and not being tied to corporate rules. Marking and branding is all about being the first and catching the wave before it's gone. 

But if your niche wave is gone, you now more than ever need to stand out in the crowd. If your thing is met with where there are so many others doing the same thing, you are going to get lost...UNLESS people can identify with who you are and what you have to offer. 
personal branding photographypersonal branding photography

Secondly Personal branding is a way to separate you from the rest! 
It is not easy to engage anyone these days. Unless you have some kind of amazing story, or you have had such a story are probably like the rest of us, waiting for your chance to shine. 

If you Google your competition, you most likely will find a lot of time same. Websites, lots of words that sound like that last one, generic designs. Then tap into social media, and if you get seen, what will they discover? Someone's dog had a day with a pillow or it snowed a ton today? 

Now think, how is a client suppose to find you in the world of dull? You know you have something awesome to offer , now to get noticed by a future client or employer! 

Building a personal brand should be a priority. And it isn't easy as it requires a mix of creativity and science. How will you stay out and stay ahead of the ever changing social media formulas? Start with showing how you are unique and how your personal brand will stand out in the crowd!

The third reason you need a personal brand is we live in an instant gratification society.
For those of us who remember the time before the internet, you most likely recall things like phones that were hooked to a wall, looking things up in an encyclopedia, and buying clothes from a department store and not at the same place you buy your groceries. The good old days of simpler times. Before looking up a recipe online but in a cook book or ordering anything from a kitchen table to dog food while sitting on your sofa. 

We must embrace technology. Your clients most likely will find you not by the yellow pages or a newspaper add but while surfing the world wide web while drinking their morning coffee. And when they find you, you want to make an impact that stands out among the rest.

Another reason you need a personal brand is the marketing landscape has changed.
Millennials and the rest of us have begun to mistrust large companies and corporations. Take Toy's R Us for example. They have blamed the millennials for waiting to start a family but is it really they have fell behind in market trends? In general the public is fed up with greed. 

Many have blamed corporate America for downfall of the economy. People today want to spend their dollars wisely and want a business they can stand behind. That is where entrepreneurs and personal branding coming in. You build trust with your potential customers when they see a personal brand they can support.


And finally, the last reason you need a personal brand is visual content can be very powerful. 

If you are like me, you get to a point you get tired of being bombarded with advertisements. Every media you encounter, from TV, radio, and social media, you most likely will see or hear an advertisement. And eventually, you tune it all out.

So, if you want to still be able to reach consumers, why not engage them with a a photo or video of you. Let them get to know you. Ask for advise and ask questions. But even more so, make the visual content not a poorly lit amateur photo. This only shows you potential clients, you don't care about your online image.

If you wish to reach your audience, use professional photos that are relevant to your social media post and articles. Even blow their minds with a video that shows off your knowledge and skill. 

Personal branding photography is more than a head shot but is using a professional photographer to tell your story.


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ALYSSA + MACKENZIE ENGAGED | 2018 | OHIO LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER The first time I had met Alyssa, she was a little girl running with her friends, while her brother played baseball. I got to know her a bit better when she was a senior in high school, when I was privileged to do her senior photo session. Alyssa then moved away from the area as she pursued college and a career, but I maintained a friendship with her mom, Lynette.


Then a few weeks ago, Lynette shared the great news that Alyssa was engaged. I knew immediately, I would love the chance to photograph her beautiful daughter again. And so on a cold day in December, we met up in the Short North in Columbus, Ohio and did Alyssa and Mackenzie's engagement photos.



It is hard to believe, the little girl who I once knew, is old enough to get married. But she is! And wow! Does she look like her mom!  I can't get over how much they look alike!  

DSC_4281DSC_4281Delong Engagement with So The Story Goes Photography

I also got to meet Alyssa's fiance Mackenzie for the first time. Mackenzie was a very laid back guy, who was a bit nervous about having his pictures taken. But as I continued  to work with him, he found his groove! The two were very natural together and although it was cold, it was a beautiful day for a photo shoot.



Alyssa and Mackenzie have set a date in August to get married in Columbus. They will be married at The Loft at the Dock 680 in downtown Columbus. I am beyond excited to shoot here for the first time. So completely different than the weddings back here in Putnam County and that is pretty exciting!


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MKay Accessories | So The Story Goes Photography | OH Lifestyle Photographer I recently started doing some product photography for a few people. This beautiful set is created by Katie Bennett of MKay Accessories. After talking to Katie for a bit, she had suggested I photograph some bracelets that were designed especially for Jennifer. 


I told her how we last year had made the word "blessed" our word of the year and this year, it is "live well." And both are inspired by the challenges we all faced with Jennifer's battle with leukemia. These bracelets hold a great deal of meaning behind them.



Jennifer, who has an eye for things, found these blue crystal rocks awhile back. She knew these bracelets would photograph well on them and she was so right. I love how she just knows. 



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January 6-13 photo prompts are

  • Blue
  • Comfort Foods
  • Warm Drinks
  • Sweater
  • Flannel
  • Stuck Inside
  • Hibernate


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January 1-5 photo prompts are

  • First New Year's Selfie
  • Glitter
  • Remnants of December
  • Resolution
  • Cozy

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Happy New Year's Eve Eve!

As we are drawing 2018 to a close, we are looking forward to embracing 2019 with each of you!  In doing so, we hope to engage more with our followers and clients. With that in mind, we are introducing our Monthly Photo Prompt Challenge 2019. 

Our goal is to get you to explore your world through photography, while providing an opportunity to win a FREE session with So The Story Goes Photography. Each week, we will share the weekly prompts via social media (Facebook, Instagram, and this Blog, and maybe Twitter if I can convince Jennifer to take the wheel on that one).  We are hoping these word prompts will inspire you and your creative side to take a picture each day.


Each photo prompt you complete, is an entry into the drawing to win the free session.  So the more days you complete the challenge, the more entries you receive (limit one image per day, except on bonus prompt days). To enter your photo, we ask you to use the hashtags provided and tag So The Story Goes Photography.


From time to time, we will be sharing the images that you have created on our social media and blog, so be sure to follow and like us. We may even pick our favorites from time to time and through in extra bonus prizes! We also would love for you to share with your family and friends your daily photos and get them out taking pictures also! As we get this going, our goal is to give extra entries to those who gain the most likes on their photos.


If you have any questions about this photo challenge, you can send us a message through any of social media messengers or email us at [email protected]



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ANDREW MEETS SANTA CLAUS | SO THE STORY GOES PHOTOGRAPHY | OHIO LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER I am one proud grandmother. And I would never pass up the chance to take my sweet new grandchild to see Santa Claus for the first time. Andrew watched Santa first, and he seemed to be interested in the man in the red suit with the white beard. And so, his mommy took him up and placed him on his lap. Andrew turned and took a look at the jolly old man, and touched  the fur on his coat.



And then looked back at his mommy. . .



And then came the tears.



Maybe next year Santa Claus. 

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THE KAUFMAN FAMILY | SO THE STORY GOES PHOTOGRAPHY | OHIO LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER Over the last several years, I have come to know the Kaufman family through high school sports. Now that all of Tim and Linda's daughters are graduated from high school however, I only see them on Facebook and occasionally when I am out and about.  But on the Sunday following Thanksgiving, I happened to see them not only when I was invited to their home to take their family's pictures, but also later at Tim's mother's (Elma) birthday party.


Tim and Linda, not only have four beautiful daughters, but also now have been blessed four times over with four grandchildren. I loved how the older two granddaughters Kendall (age 5) and Joanna (3), each wanted to hold the youngest granddaughter. Corbin (7 months). Braxton (2), the only boy, however could care less about all of it.


Whenever I have take pictures of such a large group, I never know how well it will go. But this family is not only very photogenic, they also are very easy to work with in general. It made my job easy and I am very excited to share with you these pictures. 

You can click on any image to see all of them in the gallery, including ones where it 'snowed.' 

Congratulations to Tim and Linda on your beautiful family! You must be so proud!


DSC_2649DSC_2649 DSC_2756DSC_2756

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HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY ELMA | 2018 | OHIO LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER Family is everything! And for Elma Kaufman, she is blessed to tons of family. Elma is the mother of seven, grandmother of sixteen, and great grandmother of nineteen children. And they all gathered at the Otttoville VFW on Sunday, November 25th to celebrate her 90th birthday. Elma, couldn't help but smile from ear to ear as they all sang happy birthday to her, as you can see in this picture of her.


Her children and grandchild know her to have such a giving heart. She has made an afghan for every grandchild as they graduate from high school and a quilt for each great grandchild when they are born, including the one she is making for her newest great grandchild to be born soon.

Elma is also well known for her press cookies. And her grandchild and great grandchildren have come to expect them when they visit or have a birthday. 

DSC_3024DSC_3024 DSC_2890DSC_2890 DSC_3103DSC_3103

Elma also had many friends and neighbors show up to celebrate her day, including several of her classmates from her high school days. 

  DSC_2980DSC_2980 DSC_2983DSC_2983

Elma is loved by so many and it truly showed as all her family and friends gathered to celebrate with her. 

I am so thrilled to share these images of her wonderful celebration. To view other images from her celebration, click on any image in this blog. 


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THE SCHLAGBAUM FARM | SO THE STORY GOES PHOTOGRAPHY | OHIO LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER My husband's grandmother on his mom's side, was a Schlagbaum before she married Ralph Spieles. She grew up just outside of Ottoville, Ohio on Road Q. The home, was owned by Joe Schlagbaum, her father. And he and his wife Theresa raised ten children in the home, including Clotilda (Tillie), my husband's grandmother.


Today the home is owned by Gary and Janice Schlagbaum. Gary's father Tony, was Joe's son, or Tillie's brother. They have turned this home into a place of such beauty, many photographers in the area often use their property to photograph wedding parties, engaged couples, and seniors alike, including myself. Upon a request for pictures of the property by Gary and Janice's daughter Melissa, how could I possibly say no. So on a foggy Friday morning, I ventured just down the road from where I live and took pictures of the property.

DSC_3526_1DSC_3526_1 DSC_3534_1DSC_3534_1

DSC_3541DSC_3541 DSC_3550DSC_3550 DSC_3518_1DSC_3518_1 DSC_3523DSC_3523 DSC_3566DSC_3566

Including the original home of Joe Schlaubaum, there is a barn, that also is original. But also Janice and Gary have erected a greenhouse (using recycled materials), a pond, various other small buildings, and a log cabin that once stood on State Route 66, just north of Ottoville. Many hours have been spent, nurturing this beautiful property, and it shows.


I am so thankful and so blessed to have Janice and Gary as neighbors. And to have had access to use their farm over the last several years. And so I was very excited to participate in this wonderful gift for them. Thank you Janice and Gary. You are truly a gift to the community.

(So The Story Goes Photography) Mon, 03 Dec 2018 01:53:52 GMT
LEXIE & ALLIE | 2018 | OHIO LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER Once a year, I have had the privilege of taking these two young ladies' pictures. I am also very fortunate to call them my nieces.  DSC_2683DSC_2683

My first session ever with Allie, was for her second birthday. She was very stubborn and refused to smile even a little. She mostly pouted and needless to say there were no smiles. Over time however she warmed up to me, and has become a very good model. Allie is a sophomore at Ottoville High School and recently celebrated her sixteenth birthday. Allie loves to golf and is a cheerleader. 


DSC_2809DSC_2809 DSC_2643DSC_2643

Allie's younger sister, Lexie has always liked the camera. At one time, she only recognized me when I had a camera in my hand, but also believed my oldest was me when she too picked up a camera. Lexie is in the seventh grade at Ottoville Local Schools where she is in volleyball and basketball.

DSC_2866DSC_2866 DSC_2867DSC_2867 DSC_2881DSC_2881

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SO THE STORY GOES PHOTOGRAPHY | MINI SESSIONS, CHRISTMAS 2018 | OHIO LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER The last couple years, I haven't been able to do much Holiday photo sessions due to my daughter having leukemia.  The grey skies and cold temperatures. brings back so many memories of two years ago, when we sat in a hospital room for weeks.  And picking up my camera, helps take my mind off those difficult days.

17499075_405943459764491_8532709186559876250_n17499075_405943459764491_8532709186559876250_n 17626429_10212164270639158_2933715416080752107_n17626429_10212164270639158_2933715416080752107_n

Lyra is the most adorable one year old and she rocked her session. She was a little bashful at first but it didn't take her too long to ham it up for the camera. It was a bit cold, but with this beautiful face, it didn't take long to get several good images. 

I also did a session with these young men.  I did a session with them a couple years back, and it is amazing how much they have grown. They bring so much humor with them, and I can't help but laugh at the antics. 

And finally, it wouldn't be right to not include a session for my beautiful grandson. My daughter Jennifer helped occupy him while I set up the scene and in less then 10 minutes we captured him in all his orneriness. He is our pride and joy and we are looking forward to spending the holidays with him. 


A special thank you to the Duling family and Cranberry Hollow Tree Farm for allowing us once again to use your beautiful property. If you need a live Christmas tree, they are one of the only farms around where you can pick a tree and have them cut it. 

(So The Story Goes Photography) Fri, 16 Nov 2018 23:44:31 GMT
AVERY JADE WEARING BAILY'S BLOSSOMS | 2018 | OHIO LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER Avery loves to play and dress up. And one of her mom's favorite places to shop for her is Baily's Blossoms . And Avery looks adorable in all the dresses her mom buys.


The shop opened up in 2009, and was originally all little girl hair accessories. It then added girls clothing and eventually little boy items as well.  The shop is known for high quality items, unbeatable prices, lightening FAST shipping, and famous 5-star customer service. 

DSC_6786DSC_6786 DSC_6859DSC_6859

Each month, Baily's Blossoms has a Cutie Contest in which you could win up to $50 shopping credit by submitting a photo of your little one wearing something from the shop. They also have Baily Bucks Rewards in which you can earn discounts for shopping and referring your friends and family to shop with Baily's Blossoms. 

DSC_6246DSC_6246 DSC_6290DSC_6290



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