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My grandson has become pretty mobile, and that means, he needs a place to crawl and play where the dogs won't interfere. So, for the day, I converted my lifestyle living room studio space into a playroom. 


I laid down the big rubber mats, and gathered up a bunch toys and we played for hours (well for a long time). Andrew gets most excited when he does something for a first time. For example, when you put him on the lion trike and let him pretend he is driving it around, he smiles from ear to ear. But he is also happy just giving the lion kisses. 


Sometimes however, he just enjoys playing with his socks. You can spend a million dollars on the very best, but sometimes children just want something simple. Lately, it has been a blue wash rag that he sits and plays with for long periods of time.


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Andrew spends 3-5 days a week with me while his mommy and daddy are at work. As he gets older and the weather cold, I sometimes need to get creative in how we entertain ourselves. Especially towards the end of the day, when he is ready for his mommy to come home. In the last couple weeks, he giggles as his mommy carries him to the car. I think, he is excited to go home where he can get a break from all the kisses I give him.


I come to realize, I am not able to keep up at the pace I did when  my children were young. Yesterday, in attempt to make dinner for five (all three kids and Randy was here) and feed Andrew....I suddenly felt like I was drowning in work. And I had to wonder if it was my age showing or if I always had problems keeping up at times and just have forgotten to roll with it. Andrew for sure is keeping me on my toes. Hopefully I can keep up as he learns to move about.



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